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Repair Capabilities

Industrial Electric Motor Works has a team of skilled technicians dedicated to giving our customers the best quality repair available. Our shop is UL listed, and strives to have the latest in repair and testing equipment. We have been members of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) for over thirty years. IEM is authorized to do warranty repair for the following manufacturers:

  • Toshiba
  • Reliance - Reliance Certified Service Provider
  • Baldor
  • Leeson
  • Lincoln

Motor Repair:

Upon arrival, at our shop the motor is tested and inspected to determine if it should be replaced or repaired. This is determined using the Baker Advanced Surge Testers and Winding Analyzer and the Hubbell Hipotronics Model# HD100 Hi-Pot Tester. When repair is needed the motor then goes through our rewinding process. During this process, the motor is stripped, and all parts cleaned. The mechanical department micrometer tests all bearing fits. If machine work is needed, the parts are then sent to our in-house machine shop. Replacement coils are wound in-house and then installed in the motor. After installing the new coils, the motor is dipped and baked or VPI'd. All motors over 50HP are VPI'd as standard procedure. The motor is tested, again. After this test, the motor is assembled, hi-pot tested, and run at full voltage on our Phenix Test Center. We also have Dynamometer Testing, IRD Balancing, and Vibration Analysis, when required.


Diagnostics and Testing:

Our diagnostic and testing equipment include the PdMA MCE MAX (motor circuit evaluator), the Phenix CL-25 Coreloss tester, and IRD Series 290 balancer, the Phenix MTS 500 motor test center and Hubbell hipotronics Model # HD100 Hi-Pot Tester. We also offer Dynamometer Testing, Vibration Analysis and in house Vacuum Pressure Impregnation using epoxy resin.

Drive Repair:

IEM sells and services Toshiba drives, only. Why? Because Toshiba AC Variable Frequency Drives are the highest quality in the industry. If there is a problem, we offer full in-house service and repair.

Machine Shop:

Our machine shop employs full-time machinists. We provide better turn-around time on repair jobs by doing machine work in-house. We can make special motors (long shaft, short shaft, threaded shaft, etc...) in hours or days instead of weeks or months as required by the motor manufacturers.